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Buy a Chamomile Tea Party Poster

Look to Your RightI Lost My JobBeware of HypocritesDon't Use Our Healthcare as Your Political BattlefieldHalt!Politicians: You Are What You Eat!

High resolution digital copies are always free for the download. But if you’re interested in purchasing a quality print, over 80 posters are available! Pictured above are just a sampling of posters available as prints. Each is printed on high quality paper stock and measures approximately 16 inches x 23 inches (40.6 cm x 58.4 cm) on 18 inches by 24 inches paper.

The cost for each poster is only $30. They will make a perfect addition to your home, office, NGO, or K Street lobbyist headquarters. They also make great gifts for your medical professional who supports (or doesn’t) the Affordable Care Act, your rich uncle who started a “dark money” Super PAC, your high school boyfriend who now runs the local NRA office, or your Congressman who voted to shut down the government during the last budget standoff.

Buy a poster now.